What we do, is give you complete creative control…

We’re in the business of communication… Lot’s of design and marketing companies would call this customer acquisition and retention, but we like to keep things simple and say it how it is.

Business is all about getting and keeping customers. 

We are a one stop shop for business communications, design and marketing. Basically, we help you to get seen, heard and remembered by the right people at the right time, in the right place.

Ad-Hoc Projects


Social Content

Creative Consultancy

Our services, in a nutshell…

Brand development

Brand strategy

Identity design

Logo design

Marketing strategy

Direct Mail campaigns

Brochure design

Catalogue design

Literature design

Poster design

Social Media graphics

Content creation

Smartphone video

Digital strategy

Email marketing

Website design

Website admin

Website CMS training

Mobile app design

Interface design

Packaging design

Exhibition graphics

Large format graphics


Vehicle graphics



Web Development



Ad-Hoc Projects

A lot of our work is done on a job to job basis when a customer or client has a direct requirement for a creative solution. They contact us, explain the problem and we provide a solution.

Ad-Hoc projects are quoted and delivered on a half day or full day rate basis. The complexity of a design task usually dictates the amount of time required to complete it and therefore, this is reflected in the cost. Our rate card is competitive and our Ad-Hoc projects start from £250 plus VAT.

Ed Bailey – Director, Baileys and Partners Ltd

“We trust Design Pit with our graphic design because they’re very goal focused as well as being super creative. We don’t need to have an in-house designer but we are comfortable with that because Design Pit are always on the end of the phone ready to help when we need them.”


Some of our clients need more ongoing, regular design support day to day, week to week. And this is exactly where we can add even more value. Design365 is a new way of working with us and it helps to spread the work (and cost) out over a 12 month period, approach your design and communications in a more strategic way, do more month to months and save money compared to our rate card fees.

It is a win win for everyone – see below for the pricing options available.

£350 +VAT
Equates to a full day in the studio.
Plus a free half day for amends every month
£650 +VAT
Equates to 3 days in the studio
Plus a free half day for amends every month
£950 +VAT
Equates to 5 days in the studio
Plus a free half day for amends every month
Need more? No problem!
Let's discuss what you need and how we can get you there.

Hannah Montgomery – MCIM and Founder of Golddust Marketing

“Having design support on hand every month is incredibly useful. Design Pit provide a fantastic service where clients can pass design tasks over with a brief and they take it on from there. It saves time, effort and money – freeing up business owners to focus on what they do best.

Quality graphic design makes a huge difference to any business looking to really build a brand and scale up. Design365 is a great way to keep your identity on point and in line with your brand”.

Social Content

We do a lot of work in creating content for social media. Working closely with clients in all sorts of sectors such as hospitality, pharmaceuticals, accountancy, arts and retail, we seek for opportunities to create social content for good.

We want to help businesses use social media for positive and wholesome reasons. Promoting services or products is one thing, but using social media to do good things is key to how we like to work. Content that supports a movement, promotes a charity or event, or simply spreads cheer amongst followers is what social media should be about.

Positive vibes for a positive digital world! Remember, Facebook is not the problem; we are. Do content better. Build your brand better. Work with us today.

Leigh Goodwin – Director, Goodwins

“We have never had a social media presence as up to now, we’ve not needed one. I decided to bring Design Pit in because they do some great work in social media and I really liked what I’ve seen in their portfolio. I don’t have the time or patience for social media, so having them onside means we are tapping into a new area consistently and developing our business at the same time.”

Creative Consultancy

Joined up thinking to help you connect the dots and get more done. Ever wondered how to implement some of those great ideas you’ve had? Heard all that marketing lingo but not sure what to do next?

No problem. Let us help with some guided practical support to show you how your creative design and business communications shouldn’t be a chore, but actually the fun but about running your business. Fusing the form with function is often the challenging part around business communications and this is where ideas can collapse, never to see the light of day.

We help clients to implement and automate to do more, harnessing technology to build brands better. This is design, communications and marketing support with a no BS, zero fluff approach; get in touch today and let’s chat.

Elaine Hutchings – Director, Hutchings Civil Engineering and Grab Hire

“Design Pit were brilliant in helping us understand the value of an online presence. They always looked at the end result and all of the designs they created were geared towards that goal. We have never had an online presence as our business was built on word of mouth and referrals but we recognised that we needed to look ahead and lay the foundations for a digital footprint. Design Pit guided us through the whole process and we now have everything connected online and singing from the same hymn sheet!”

What is your next Creative Project looking like?…