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Need design support all the time? Always looking for a way of getting some artwork done? Can’t quite get that graphic done right yourself? Losing time (and money) bashing your head on the desk trying to design something?

Confused by bleed, crop marks, resolution? Befuddled by CMYK and RGB? Don’t understand pagination? No clue how to set up your document for print? Losing your mind over pixels and millimetres?

STOP… you are not a designer. So stop trying to be one.

Sign up for a Design365 Package and leave it to us. We’re designers and we know about this stuff. Brief us direct by phone or email, let us crack on and you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

£350 +VAT
Equates to a full day in the studio.
Plus a free half day for amends every month
£650 +VAT
Equates to 3 days in the studio
Plus a free half day for amends every month
£950 +VAT
Equates to 5 days in the studio
Plus a free half day for amends every month
Need more? No problem!
Let's discuss what you need and how we can get you there.

Marketing Managers, Consultants, PR Professionals, Web Developers…

Need some dedicated month to month support once you have established your identity and brand?
Need design support for your own clients?

Design365 is the perfect package for you!

Sign up for a Design365 Contract – Access, Accelerator and Activator. Cover your design and artworking off, leave your identity (or clients) in our capable hands as we guide and cultivate your brand on your journey through business.

For any business that wants to be seen, heard and remembered, Design365 is a great way to ensure everything looks great, is kept consistent and evolves as you do.


Hannah Montgomery – MCIM and Founder of Golddust Marketing

“Having design support on hand every month is incredibly useful. Design Pit provide a fantastic service where clients can pass design tasks over with a brief and they take it on from there. It saves time, effort and money – freeing up business owners to focus on what they do best.

Quality graphic design makes a huge difference to any business looking to really build a brand and scale up. Design365 is a great way to keep your identity on point and in line with your brand”.

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