Identity & Brand

Identity & Brand

A brand is the personality of a company. Founded on a strong identity and is an essential part of any business whether large or small. It is very important to understand what a brand is before trying to develop one for your own business or before you try to understand another. A brand is a broad overall image of a business. It is an element that people connect with on an emotional level. How they trust, when they buy and why they relate to the company is all down to the brand.

An identity is a more literal aspect, this contains all of the visual aspects which include things like logos, straplines, colours, fonts and supporting graphics. The logo is a key component that links the brand and the identity together. The logo should identify the brand in one simple, identifiable mark or icon.

We help people to build brands with award winning creative identity design. We look at things differently and develop design solutions that engage and encourage a reaction from an audience. The reaction of an audience is where the brand starts to form it’s foundations.


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