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With the New Zealand All Blacks, people expect the absolute best – including on social media. The All Blacks are the number one ranked team in the world and have built a reputation as the most dominant rugby nation in history. They are the gold standard in rugby and their social media performance isn’t far behind.

The All Blacks ‘We Belong’ campaign is the perfect mix of Kiwi culture and digital design. Their social media strategy is meant to reach broad audiences and they have been successfully increasing their international fans using the hashtag #TeamAllBlacks.


Watch the All Blacks social media campaign video here.

The ‘We Belong’ campaign uses culturally inclusive messaging and multiple social media touch points to draw people together around sport and cultural diversity, traits characteristic of the small nation. In order to ‘belong’ to #TeamAllBlacks, users are simply asked to sign up, in return for signing up, users are given exclusive offers, prizes and behind the scenes information on the All Blacks throughout the Rugby World Cup. The campaign asks fans to take a photo of themselves using the All Blacks app, share it on social media with the #belong hashtag and then go into the draw to win an All Blacks jersey.


There are almost as many people interested in what the All Blacks are up to on Facebook (3.2 million) as those in the Rugby World Cup Facebook page (3.6 million). The All Blacks are as big a brand as the World Rugby itself! They must be doing something right.


So, what can we learn from the ‘All Blacks ‘We Belong’ campaign

1. Draw on your brand’s values or cultural past to inject meaning and a personality into your campaign. This will help you reach a larger audience.

2. Create contests with giveaways tailored to appeal to your audience.

3. Leverage the power of consumer generated content to make your social media campaign viral.

Social media is a great tool for any business and it’s free. Need help managing yours? Get in touch.