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Primary Care Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy serving the Tamworth and Lichfield areas. When the Coronavirus Pandemic broke out, they were just about to launch a free delivery service in the local areas and the Pandemic actually facilitated the launch being sped up significantly. PCP engaged with Lichfield based design and marketing company Design Pit to promote the new delivery offering across social media.

“We quickly identified social media as a main driver to get our message out” said Design Pit director Gareth Robertson. “Facebook is naturally the market leader and was our platform of choice to drive our campaigns. We also know that on average people spend about 3 hours a day on social media platforms – with Facebook of course being the most popular. And with everyone being locked down, usage was only going to go up and up.”



The main challenge for Design Pit was that the current PCP Facebook page was very underused and had hardly any followers or regular engaged users. But despite this, Gareth wasn’t too worried.

“Number of Likes or followers is often something people really focus on as a measure of success; but it is a bit of a ‘vanity metric’. I’d rather have a smaller actively engaged audience on social media than a massive following but hardly any engagement. It’s a balance that is hard to get right! I spend a lot of time teaching clients to not get bogged down in vanity metrics like this but instead measure success by stats that actually tell a proper story. And in PCP’s case, this was how often the phone was ringing and how many new delivery requests they were getting.” Gareth went on to add.

Design Pit created a large suite of content in the form of static imagery, short voiceover videos and an animated explainer video. These items were supported up by carefully crafted wording for posts and then everything was scheduled into an automated library to post at certain times of the day. Some more popular posts were also “boosted” and some were adapted into sponsored adverts targeted at the local areas to extend the reach and drive engagement. This paid adverts were run over a week and reviewed weekly to see what was working and what could be improved.



“Instantly we saw some huge percentage increases in page performance. This was mainly due to the fact that the page was massively underused and then all of sudden we came in and started hammering some quality content on there that woke everything up! But again, the performance of the page only really told one side of the story as the main stats that mattered were frequency of phone calls and number of new delivery requests.” added Gareth.

“We have been running the content now since the first week of lockdown and we’ve seen some really positive results come in. At last count, we’d seen 800 new delivery requests over the 4 week period we’d been working on the campaign. This would equate to 800 lifetime ‘customers’ as they will continue to have prescriptions delivered post-Covid19 and therefore unlikely to leave PCP at any time soon. These new delivery requests are often likely to see more than one drug prescribed per order as well, so it is safe to say based on conservative estimates this is worth around £20000 of new income over the course of the next 12 months to PCP.”



Gareth has been so enthused by the success of PCP’s Facebook campaigns that he has launched a separate social media focused division to Design Pit, calling it Social Pit. And this complements the design and branding work the company offers as well the online print buying site, Print Pit. All three divisions are fully operational during the lockdown as all services can be delivered remotely.

“It has been a challenge running things remotely but my design clients can all be serviced remotely. The print site has been fully operational since the start of lockdown and we are able to work while observing social distancing on the factory floor. Social Pit came about due to the success of this campaign with PCP and ongoing work with The Plough at Shenstone. Since launching this only two weeks ago we have already started working on social content with The Valley Fish Bar, The Bureau Bar & Brasserie, Simply Sutton Credit Control and we are hoping to run some content for Lunch at Loafers as well in the next few weeks. Social Media was a big part of life but it is becoming even more prominent in our daily locked down lives! As a creative business it was only natural for our service offering to start moving towards this media platform as more of our clients start to embrace the opportunities it can bring.” Gareth enthused.

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