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We were approached recently by a client who is a trustee of the Dorset and South Wiltshire RSPCA branch. They needed an outdoor banner for the charity to use at events, it had to be designed generically so it could be used in different event settings. This meant the message and call to action had to be broad and non-specific. The branch had also merged so we could only use web addresses and emails rather phone numbers for contact points because long term the merger may require a new phone number to be installed. 

We decided to use a JustGiving link as the main point of contact with a message of supporting your local branch. We employed a QR Code as a scannable graphic to direct to the URL and sourced some beautiful stock photography of animals to base the layout around. 

All of this design and artwork was carried out in line with the RSPCA brand guidelines; and we donated our time to do this for free. Our printing division Print Pit, produced the banner as a gift to the charity.

Branch trustee Sandi Marshall commented, “Design Pit were brilliant and created a fantastic design for the banner. And they were very generous in supplying the banner for free. As a small branch of the charity, every penny counts so this has been so helpful and saved money that can now be allocated in other areas of the charity”.