Andy Dyson, Sapentia



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We engaged the Design Pit to develop the initial branding and logo for a new business venture. The development was at a very early stage and the brief for Gareth and his team was limited to a name, a couple of preferred colours and an understanding of what the new business venture was. We found working with Gareth to be a stimulating and enjoyable experience with plenty of communications and two way feedback to ensure that we were happy with progress at each stage. Design Pit listened to our feedback and incorporated the comments in to each new version but crucially adding that ‘Flair’ that lifted the graphics above what we would have been able to produce. The graphic assets were delivered on time and in a wide range of formats to allow us to use in a wide range of media. We are looking forward to expanding our work with Design Pit in to the development of the design and other products and branding as the venture develops. We do not hesitate in recommending Gareth and the Design Pit team to anyone looking for a professional and communicative partner to help develop their business.