David Kemp, Expo Floors



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“Design Pit are the exception not the norm. Most creative bods struggle with organisation and professionalism…not Design Pit! They have the rare ability to absorb themselves in your business so they not only understand what you are trying to achieve, but is then often able to make informed and educated suggestions on how to steer the whole marketing approach, not just the creative element! They are not a “yes men” either, the customer is not always right and Design Pit has both the tenacity and integrity to give the right advice and is not afraid to tell you if something won’t work! Design Pit has carried out all manner of work for me from business cards and fliers to vehicle graphics, banners and is currently designing our brand new website! Their knowledge and understanding of social media strategies is also outstanding. I cannot speak more highly of Design Pit, they are exceptional designers with an eye for the bigger business picture, it’s like having your own marketing department at a fraction of the cost!”