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Recently we were asked what was the best font to attract attention?

In truth, there isn’t really a definitive “best font” for attracting attention. Fonts aren’t categorized like that because what someone thinks works well in one instance, may not be the opinion of someone else who is looking at the same execution.

Fonts can be more effective in some scenarios and less so in others. But there are many factors that contribute to how effective it is in a given environment. Things like point size, colour, background colour or clutter, location and position all contribute to how effectively a font grabs the eye. Also, one person may think a font works very well but someone else may disagree entirely because they dislike the font or the colour for example.

There isn’t really an answer for this question as there are so many fonts that could work and attract attention but it all comes down to the skill of the designer to find something that they believe to work well and then convince their client to agree.

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