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How hard is yours working for your business?

What value does your website add?

What processes does your site speed up for you?

How hard does your site sell?


A website should be a digital shop window and customer service department all in one.

Prospects and customers should be able to interact with it to find the information they need at the literal click of a button.

Not only should your website look good, be ‘on brand’ and provide a great user experience for visitors, it should also work hard for you and your business.


It must first and foremost sell what you do and encourage people to buy. But it should also provide answers to common questions, automate admin processes and maybe even capture data in a GDPR secure way. Giving answers to questions you get asked all of the time means you don’t have to spend time on the phone, writing emails or visiting customers to explain that FAQ once again.

Having a site that syncs with existing systems like a CRM or POS means that admin can be taken away from your desk(s) and carried out online, live on the site – diary bookings, subscriptions to mailing lists and qualifying leads via funnels. All of these processes can be automated and done for you.

Not everyone who visits your site will be ready to buy there and then. Data capture is key to growing your email list so you can sell or upsell to interested parties at a later date. There are also huge possibilities with remarketing plug ins that keep your product in the eye line of potential customers when they visit popular sites like Facebook, after visiting your website.


If your site isn’t doing these things for you, then why not?

If it is just sat there, looking pretty but not doing much more then ask yourself a few questions… 

What could this website do for me and my business? 

What more could a leverage from my online presence?

How could my site sell more?

How could my site work harder for me?

Could my site look better?

Could my site provide a better user experience?

Struggling to answer these questions or don’t know where to find the answers?

Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help!

Or visit our dedicated Website Packages page on our site and see how hard our own site works for us…