The Christmas Video



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Design Pit founder Gareth discusses the making of the 2021 Design Pit Christmas Video, “The Christmas video shows just what Christmas should be about. It’s a time to strip back the clutter of life and enjoy time together with your loved ones. Family is everything and taking time to stop and appreciate just being together doing festive things is the message we wanted to get across”. 

“My daughter loves coming to my studio and spending time doing creative drawing and colouring in. She’s a creative little soul and enjoys anything crafty, so it made sense to build a narrative around this” Gareth added. 

“Since filming it, we have had countless conversations about her Christmas card to Santa and when he will read it, how it gets to him and if he will reply; I mean, of course he will! But her excitement during the video and in the aftermath is exactly why we did the video. Doing Christmassy things together, being creative and having fun, looking forward to a magical time”.

“It’s what everyone should be doing after nearly two years of pandemic driven lockdowns, Brexit and furloughing. We need to take stock of what really is important in life. We hope that it’s well received and people take something away from the message… have a Creative Christmas!”

Watch the Design Pit Christmas Video here…