The Creative Process… Where do you start?



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A networking colleague recently asked us where do we start with a design brief and how do we ensure that each project is unique?

The answer is simple, we ask questions and talk to our clients.

In order to communicate our clients message clearly, we must first communicate clearly with them to ensure that we are all on the same page and understand what the message is in the first place, who are we trying to talk to and what do we want them to do with the message we give them.

Every brief is different and in talking about what a client wants to achieve before starting any work, we ensure that our starting point for our creative thinking is in line with our client and that our thought processes are aligned to the end goal.

Generally, our work starts with a sketch pad and a drawing pen. Contrary to popular belief that designers have a shiny computer to do the design work for them, any substantial project will always start with an open mind, a pad and a pen. We do this because a sketch can take 5 minutes to test an idea out quickly before making a call on whether it is worth pursuing or not. If you take an idea straight to the Mac, you run the risk of getting bogged down in the detail of an idea too early on in the design process.

Our clients buy the end product from us – be it a leaflet, website or a brochure – but what they are actually paying for is our skill and expertise in the interpretation of a brief. The value comes in our ability to absorb the information given to us and produce something that communicates the message and enhances our client’s chances of selling a product or service.