The Dead Outnumber the Living… 



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If Facebook is still around in 2098, the dead could outnumber the living on the social media platform. The world’s biggest social network is set to become the world’s biggest virtual graveyard as we approach the next century.

This year alone, nearly one million users are predicted to die. Only, when they die their Facebook profile stays active because most users keep their password secret. Once someone has passed away, nobody else can access the deceased profile to deactivate it. So what is the problem with deceased people still being active on Facebook?

The main thing is the profile still popping up with notifications such as birthdays – which could be very upsetting for friends or relatives. The amount of data that deceased profiles carry would be a massive amount of virtual space – and all of it completely wasted as no living person is controlling the profiles that are left in limbo.

Facebook allows every user to appoint a “legacy contact” who can log in to the deceased profile and upload one last post and change the profile picture so friends know the person has died. This feature is not widely known to exist – but would it become something that is abused if every user started to use it?

All of these predictions could be null and void however if Facebook fails to make it through the next few decades. With the popularity of the platform now, it has become a huge part of modern day life – surely it will last for a long time yet?

What do you think? Will Facebook last until the next century to become a mass virtual grave?