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In a graphic design sense, what do you need as a New Start Up Business? What are the visual components that are non-negotiable for a new company?

Essentially, the main elements that are key are the name and the logo. These are non-negotiable. However, if you are a limited company it is actually a legal requirement to have an official letterhead which clearly displays the registered details of the limited company.

A letterhead is a very useful piece of stationary for any business whether limited or sole trader. This is something that gives a show of professionalism and pride in doing a job properly. If a new start up is trying hard to communicate professionally with a nice name, logo and a letterhead – it can only be a good thing!

There isn’t really a “New Start Up Graphic Design Starter Pack” as every business is different and has different requirements but typically, a new start up should consider the following list as a mandatory base of items that they should have…

A name
A logo
A letterhead – a Microsoft Word® template will suffice in the early days
A branded social media presence
A website – simple is fine but try and ensure that it is scalable so it grows with you
A business card

With these items to hand, you cover most if not all bases and will be armed with an identity that will grow with you and your business over time.