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Eighteen months ago, my daughter toddled into my office and asked what I was doing. Below is a rough transcript of the conversation that ensued…

“What are you doing Daddy?”

“I’m drawing a logo darling”

“Whats a wogo Daddy?”

“A Logo babba. Not a Wogo! You know on Paw Patrol, they have a big badge on the Paw Patroller?”


“Well, that’s a logo. And Daddy has a logo for his company. See here, the red blob and these letters?”

“Ah is that Besign Pip?”

“Haha! Yes darling, that is Besign Pip”

“I have a logo too Daddy”

“Oh yes. And what is it for?”

“It’s for my company Daddy. Do you want me to draw it for you?”

“Yes please! What is your company called?”

“Zozo Zuzo…”

“And what does Zozo Zuzo do?”

“It’s on the internet Daddy”

As I am a superhero dad, I decided to make her little sketch into some useable vector artwork. The scribble she drew was a really nice shape and I was able to use it to frame some nice contemporary typography. I chose some colours (pink, #obvs) and hey presto, Zozo Zuzo was officially born!

Since then, I’ve used the branding for this ‘company’ on samples for our new print division Print Pit. The striking colour scheme and intricate detail in the logo were perfect elements to demonstrate the capability of our printing facility. 

CEO of Zozo Zuzo, Emily (now 4)

The exciting thing about Zozo Zuzo is that the business is already evolving and diversifying. Instead of working ‘on the internet’, they now deal exclusively in colouring in. And we’ve recently started working with them on a Christmas card project.

“You can do the lines Daddy. And I will colour it in. Because that’s what Zozo Zuzo does…”

Shortly later, I received a quotation and we’ll be revealing the end result of this collaboration when we release our Christmas cards next month.