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There was a time in the not so distant past that email marketing was the be-all and end-all. It’s what you simply had to do to get ahead in business. It replaced (or would replace) printed promotions. Print was dying…

Life is faster than ever before. We are busier and more time poor than we’ve ever been and our world has increasingly become more and more digitally driven for decades. Our inboxes are heaving under the weight of messages, our spam and junk folders are full of unwanted subscription emails that we simply don’t have time to open, let alone read. 

We have inboxes on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, we have WhatsApp, Telegram and a plethora of other messaging platforms that scream for our attention; all of these in addition to our email and the good old fashioned SMS or text message. We are glued to our devices and the dopamine surge we get from those little red notification dots…

We demand attention as much as we crave attention and our digital bubbles are our crux… It’s so easy to get lost in the noise…

It is easy for your message to get overlooked, misunderstood or even deleted in error. Digital comms are great for speed and ease of access, but they’re also easy to ignore. How many times has an email sat in your inbox waiting to be read, and you’ve left it there because you’re putting off responding and  ‘want to concentrate on it and not rush the reply’?

One thing that isn’t easy to ignore is when something tangible lands on your desk. Something unexpected. And not because you were unaware of it being sent, but because it isn’t a collection of letters on a screen. 

When the postman or courier rings the bell and passes over a parcel with something addressed to you… that’s an even bigger dopamine hit that we get walloped with. But this time, you’re really tuned in to the experience of receiving this unexpected gift.

You can’t ignore this.

You have to open this up. You have to see what’s inside… ‘Someone sent this to me?’ What could be in there? You have to drop what you’re doing and rip open that package!

Direct mail, corporate gifting, promotional gifts, branded merch – whatever you want to call it – is a great way to stand out from the crowd and be seen, heard and remembered. As long as you’ve thought through your message and put some context around why you’re sending it. It will make sense to your recipient and they will be blown away by your approach. 

You can personalise your approach and send so many things nowadays, leaflets, brochures or literature pieces are great but you can also send mugs, cushions, tote bags, T-shirt’s, hoodies and mouse mats as direct mail gifts to put your brand in front of your prospect, customer or supplier. 

Receiving something personalised, with their own logo on it with a note to say ‘thanks for the business, it’s been great working with you’ is a powerful thing to be able to do and positions you differently in their mind, when comparing to competitors.

Why Direct Mail is important

Listen to the podcast where we discuss direct mail and the power in being personal with your comms. Featuring Hannah Montgomery, a marketing consultant based in the midlands with a passion for direct mail. Click photo to listen now!

Here’s a selection of ideas we’ve come up with for great ways of using printed personalised products to stand out in a crowd, and be seen, heard and remembered above the noise of digital distractions…

  1.  Thank you gifts. Because nobody says thanks these days! But a cushion with their logo on it, or a canvas frame would look great in reception! And who wouldn’t appreciate a nice touch like that after spending money with you? We’ve sent clients canvas frames of new logo designs as soon as the client signs off, and we plan to do similar things with T-shirt’s and hoodies in the future.
  2. Upcoming Meetings. How cool would it be to receive a personalised, branded mug on the morning of a meeting with a new supplier, sent by them to you with your logo on one side, and theirs on the other? It shows that this company have gone the extra mile to think about the meeting and do something different to make sure they are remembered above anyone else who may be pitching for the work.
  3. Welcome Packs. When onboarding new high value clients, why not send them a bag of goodies? How appreciated would that make them feel? It sets the tone for the new business relationship.
  4. New Starter Branded Merch. The same can be said for new starters within your business. Imagine how motivated they would feel when on their first day, they receive a pack of stash with branded T-shirt, hoodie, mouse mat and a cushion? Welcome them to your team and make them feel properly included.
  5. Direct Mail Campaigns. When you want to stand out even more, don’t just send a brochure with covering letter, send a product to support the narrative of your campaign. If you are a locksmith opening a new shop in town, send a branded padlock to all of your neighbours to introduce your business. They may not need a padlock right there and then, but it’s a thoughtful and clever approach that will get your remembered!

There are so many ways that personalised printed products and materials can be leveraged to great effect in the digital age we exist in. So take a step back, think outside the box and see how you could get seen, heard and remembered with powerful graphic design and print!

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