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TyrePal are a business with a great product offering. Small devices that attach to a vehicle and monitor the pressure in the tyres. The benefits of knowing your tyre pressures are vast. When you are towing precious cargo, the smallest drop in pressure can be the difference between arriving safely at your destination in one piece or suffering a blow out at high speed on the motorway. And we all know what the preferred option would be in that scenario. The market sectors that TyrePal can operate within are also vast. Apart from the obvious automotive sector, they can reach out and assist with the emergency services, heavy plant, manufacturing, distribution and transport. Anywhere, any industry that has precious cargo or spends a lot of time moving product, stock or people around the country via roads.

When TyrePal approached Design Pit, they did so with a smaller project that has since grown into many more projects that have jumped up in size and importance. The latest “big hit” that we have been working on with TyrePal is a brand new eCommerce website that sells direct to the public. The old site (below) was dated and clunky, it was very text heavy and was jarring on the eye. It really did not portray this thoroughly modern and tech-clever company in the best light at all. They needed to address this, and address it quickly. After cutting our teeth with some design for print work and fine tuning the identity of TyrePal, we were asked to put a proposal together to redesign and redevelop the site from scratch.



We looked at the website as a complete blank sheet. We wanted to apply some striking visuals as the product itself isn’t particularly photogenic, we needed to focus on the benefits the product could bring and the setting in which it would typically be found. Using existing imagery and some stock photography, we collated some excellent imagery that began to set the tone for the new TyrePal identity within a digital space. Headlines were generated and content split across a carefully constructed page tree that enabled easy navigation for the end user. We were ready to redesign the pages from the top to the bottom…

As you can see from the visuals below, the new site is balanced, attractive on the eye and the content is easy to take in and understand. The thought process that we employed with this site design (as with any), was to focus on the content first and foremost. Google looks at content, it reads text and even takes in video content before awarding scores to apply a search engine ranking. This is why websites require a slightly different approach to more traditional design projects in the brand or print arena.








At Design Pit we focus our thinking on the front end look and feel but we are very careful to consider the implications of design decisions on the functionality of a website once it has been designed, built and developed. We work very closely with our strategic web development partners to ensure the impact of a design on the construction of a website and ultimately, its performance online. If you have a web based project to consider in the coming weeks or months, get in touch for an informal chat about your requirements, vision and desired end result.



Other news, our company magazine Pit Stop launched earlier this year and you can order the most recent edition by emailing your postal address to us. The magazine has a small but interested audience mainly across North Birmingham, the demographic is business owners, sales managers and decision makers in SME to mid sized corporates.


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