Vehicle Graphics Salisbury – Standing out with Powerfully Designed Vehicle Graphics



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Many moons ago when Design Pit was first established, I had my little Seat Ibiza vinyl wrapped to make it look like a Design Pit branded sports car. It was a great way to promote the new business locally as you couldn’t miss it as it scooted around or when it was parked up in various places around the city.




Now, after relocating to Salisbury in Wiltshire we’ve gone full circle and recently picked up the all new “Design Pit Mobile”! We’ve gone for something a bit bigger than the Ibiza this time… a new Ford Ranger Wildtrak with full Design Pit branded graphics. As we start to establish ourselves on the south coast, what better way is there to promote the company than to drive around in this beast and proudly display our brand?!


Design Pit Branded Pickup Truck


The design of these vehicle graphics was probably one of the hardest tasks on record. As a design company, we simply had to make a massive splash with the design so there were several days of concepts, visuals and artworking followed by more chopping and changing before we settled on this… If you have a commercial vehicle, signwriting and graphics is one of the best investments you can make to promote your business. For a one-off design fee and one-off installation fee you can get massive visual impact as you simply drive around doing your job.


Here’s our 5 Top Tips of things to consider when you get some vehicle graphics…


  • Get the design right – And don’t DIY it!
    Work with a professional designer to make sure you get the best layout, the right fonts, colours and imagery to deliver maximum impact! Are you going to have simple decals or a large coverage full colour wrap? Work with a designer who knows what they’re doing and make it a smooth process from start to finish.
  • Don’t make your logo too big!
    This may seem a bit backwards but when it comes to design… bigger isn’t always better. Having the right balance of space and colour around your logo is key to having it stand out at distance.
  • Think BIG picture!
    How does this vehicle fit in with the rest of your marketing platforms? What messages or narratives do you use elsewhere that could work really well on your van or truck? Clear and cohesive messages are always better so don’t treat every marketing platform in isolation, make it all sing from the same hymn sheet!
  • Choose your fitting company carefully
    Knowing how the panels on your vehicle flow, where the creases sit, where the plastic panels overlap is one thing, but you must understand what surface the vinyl will adhere to best. And this is something best left to the experts. Choose one based on experience, portfolio or even better – use one that is recommended.
  • And finally, think about phase two…
    What happens when your lease vehicle goes back in three years? Those graphics will need to come off! So, make sure you leave some budget in the pot to have them professionally removed; ensuring your paint work is left unscathed. Some signwriters may include removal if you place your next vehicle with them to install graphics on – but having removal in the back of your mind is wise as there will usually be a cost to take the vinyl off.