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Our website on the world wide web,
Hallowed is thy design,
Your coding has come,
Your SEO be done,
On desktop as it is on an iPad,
Give us this traffic from a Google ad,
And deliver us our sales leads,
As we forgive those who spam all against us,
And lead us not into templates,
But deliver us from theme forest,
Bespoke creativity is the answer,
The design and development,
Now and forever.

The World Wide Web is the centre of the universe. As bold a statement as that is, it may as well be. Our lives are intrinsically linked to the web whether we like it or not and our dependence shows no signs of slowing or stopping any time soon. Some people see the web as a scary place that opens up more problems than it offers solutions, others embrace it wholeheartedly for the benefits that it brings to the table. One thing is for sure, the web has made the world a much smaller place. We are now able to work anywhere we can find an internet connection, we can talk to people on the other side of the world in real time over the net and we can send messages with files attached anywhere on the planet in seconds. The web also allows us to exist in a digital space and people can find us online and make contact with us on so many different platforms. Social media has given us a new level of access online but the humble website is still the bedrock of an online shop window for businesses.

 So what should a website do for you and your business?

First and foremost your website should provide a complete and coherent snapshot of your business from top to bottom. Visitors should be able to find out all of the key salient points about your company, structure, scale and service offering quickly and easily. Information is something we are hungry for, so give it to people and develop your identity and brand. Your website should be a central hub for your knowledge of your industry to shine through. A blog is essential in offering a platform for knowledge sharing and fresh content rich in SEO sensitive keywords to be offered up to Google. Your website should be a virtual shop window that offers you a platform to sell your business clearly and efficiently online. The design should compliment your brand and identity, the typeface choices, colour palette and layouts of each page should be structured so navigating your content is a seamless and flowing experience for your visitors. The form of the design is paramount to making a website function efficiently – so be sure to work with a professional design company for maximum impact.

Once a site is designed, it must be built. This for most people, is where the world of the web gets more complex. Coding is an in depth process that involves a range of technologies to build a website from the ground up. This coding is what you are paying for when you buy a website, the time, the expertise and talent of a developer who will take a design and make a site that replicates the visual look and feel that you’ve signed off. When you log onto the net and view your site on a web browser, the back end code is the engine that powers your site to appear on your screen. WordPress is a major player in the world of websites nowadays and is fast becoming the standard in business websites. Originally created as a templated blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into a powerful and flexible piece of software that gives developers greater control over how they can make things happen on the web. We have teamed up with David Whitehouse to explain more about WordPress and the way it can shape your website when working with Design Pit.

DW: “WordPress has quickly become the standard for most SME websites, however like most things it comes in many forms and guises. With a small amount of technical knowledge many people can just set up a cheap WordPress template for their website, but this really isn’t the way forward. However, whilst WordPress provides a well coded and easy to use website editor, using off the shelf solutions can be bad for both SEO and security. When using pre-built off the shelf template this means there will be thousands of other people out there with the same website as you, also Google recognises duplicate templates and therefore this will reduce your SEO trust rank”.

“Free and bought WordPress templates can also be insecure, with many loop holes for hackers to get in. Ready made templates also are often restricted in future edits and bloated with elements you don’t need which slow down your website. This is why when using WordPress the best solution is to have your own custom written website based around the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). So when coding a WordPress website we would use the WordPress database and editor but everything else is completely custom written”.

“Using WordPress as the underlying core also means you get a complete custom looking website that isn’t bloated or the same as a thousand others, as well as great for SEO. We would even write custom plugins if needed for the website to allow a completely custom and future proof website that remains secure. Essentially you get all the benefits of a custom written website but without being tied into a contract or paying a ridiculous price for a buggy and restricted custom written CMS.. Using an open source solution such as WordPress as the core means that it’s fully tested, not bloated and works perfectly, with no monthly tie ins or restrictions. It’s an all round perfect solution for any SME looking for an affordable, custom and robust website”.

WordPress is the future and it is here now and is evolving by the day. Being open source means that it is constantly being tested and improvements are added all the time. For an SME business, there is no better solution than a WordPress site built from the ground up – a unique design, a bespoke build within a structured, sturdy framework that is built to last. If you need a website, get in touch today: 01543 241 251


This isn’t the first time Gareth and David have teamed up to talk about the web and graphic design. Check out the video above…