Why can’t I use VistaPrint?



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Well actually… You can use VistaPrint – there is nothing stopping anyone using an online supplier.

However, a major factor to consider when placing design and print work with online suppliers is how they create your artwork.

Do they provide a totally bespoke design, tailored to match your requirements, taste and aesthetic preferences?

Will a faceless online supplier provide you with amendment sets to tweak those little bits that don’t quite sit right?

Will they take time to listen to your brief?

Ensure they understand what you are looking for and how you want to be perceived by their clients?


The answer to all of the above is… No.


Will an online supplier chuck your job through an automated artwork generator?

Will your artwork look like a VistaPrint job – templated, generic, dull and lacking in quality feel and finish?

Will they provide templated artwork variants that look exactly the same as your competitors?


The answer to the above is… Yes.


Standing out in the crowd is vital. The world we live in is so brand aware and more commercially driven than ever before. What this means is that the small business needs to work harder just to keep up with competition.

If you have a premium product or service, don’t cut corners with your image because poor quality design or production can do untold damage to your brand, identity and reputation.