WOHO Earth Identity and Brand



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We were approached by a start-up clothing company to create their brand and identity. Their aim wasn’t to create ‘a clothing line’, their aim was to create ‘a clothing line of the future’ that carefully considered its footprint and impact on the environment. Ethically sourced materials and managed logistics would be utilised to ensure the impact on the environment was minimal.

The brand was all about educating people as to what waste comes out of the fashion industry each year and how consumers can help to reduce that waste. To have a safer cleaner future, we (as consumers) must make a difference through our lifestyle and the buying choices we make.

The company, formed by fashion industry expert Bhavna Rishi didn’t have a name but Bhavna did have a vision for a bright and colourful mix of oranges, greens and blues. She was really struggling to come up with a striking and memorable name so decided to leave that with us as well. After immersing ourselves in what the brand stood for and the messages it was delivering, we presented several options on names to Bhavna. After further discussion, we settled on WOHO Earth, which stands for We Only Have One.


WOHO wanted their logo to be contained within a shape so it could be easily translated to an embroidered patch. We designed a simplified globe icon with a twist, the green land is made up of lots of cross stitches adding some visual interest and links back to the use of recycled fabrics in their products. Deliberately minimal use of colours and a classic serif font creates a striking logo which is sure to put this brand on the map!